Wednesday, October 28, 2015

HandmadeQT : Iron Man

I made this set for my son last month, I wanted to save it for October. I had so much fun making this slouchy hat. It's a basic red beanie with a slouch. I search different pinterest images for Iron Man, but I couldnt find a pattern, so I freehanded it. I made the fingerless gloves using single crochet long way and fold it in half.  Then,  measured it for my son's hand. When, I got to the top I didn't sew up all the way so his thumb fits in. He loved this set and loves playing dress up with it.

Supplies :
Red Heart Yarn in Bright Red
Red Heart Yarn in Bright White
Red Heart Yarn in Gold
Yarn Needle
H and I hook
 There is no pattern, since I freehanded everything

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