Saturday, December 7, 2013

HandmadeQT: Adventure Time Beanie

  To see her card, please check out the blog post on CraftyQT.

I Hook
Vanna White's Mustard Med. Worsted Yarn
Red Heart with Love White & Black
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle

This is your basic slouchy beanie with EarFlaps.

Can be done with HDC or DC. (hdc, looks better)

Row 1: Magic Circle 8.
Row 2: increase in stitch, sl st.
Row 3: Chain 1 (for hdc, Chain 2 for dc) *1 in this stitch, double in the next* sl st.
Row  4: Chain 1 or 2, * 1 in the next 2 stitches, double in the next * sl st
Row 5: Chain 1 or  2, * 1 in the next 3 stitches, double in the next* sl st.
Row 6: Chain 1 or 2,  * 1 in the next 4 stitches, double in the next* sl st.

Row 7 or 8: Optional, if you need the hat to slouch more, add next to row. Add 5 stitches for Row 7, Add 6 stitches for 8, before the double on each row.

Row 9-15 (if need less single rows): 1 stitch in each row. Last row, sc all around, fasten off and weave in tail.

Ear flaps:
I have a simple of doing ear flaps, without messing up, some may think its a little complicated but super simple.

Fold you beanie in half. Like shown in picture, where you want to place face. Then place stitch markers (2) in the middle of the stitch in both left and right sides. That will be the middle of your Ear flaps. As long as you have equal number of stitches on both sides, you flaps with be even.

Depending on how long you want them.

Sc crochet first row, sl st, chain 1 turn. This gives you length
to decrease til end, sctog on the beginning of the chain 1, and at the end of your row. Fasten off.

Eyes:  Make 2
Magic Circle with sc, 6.
Row 2: double in each row, do not join. Place stitch marker where row ended, amigurumi style.
Row 3: *1 in this stitch, 2 in the next.* all around, do not join.
Row 4: sc around,  sl st, fasten off leave 7 in. tail to sew on to hat.

Nose: Make 1
Magic Circle
Double all around, do not join.
Sc all around,  fasten off, leave 7 in. tail to sew to hat.

Ears: Make 2
I have to look at some pictures of Jake, but he has fairly small ears.
Chain 6, sc 2nd from hook.
Sc all across, sl st, chain 1 turn. (3-4 rows)
At end of sc row, last stitch, 2 sc in the end. Sc all around, sc at corners to make them rounded. Fasten off, leave 10 inches for sewing into hat, on the sides.

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