Thursday, April 10, 2014

HandmadeQT: Nyan Cat

This little guy is a gift for my longtime friend. I'm actually like at delivering this coin purse. Yes, it's a functional coin purse, complete with rainbow ribbon handles. They're in pictured, but they're in the back. When I was asked to make this crochet project, I didn't know how. I was very new to crocheting. 
But I managed to learn quick amigurumi styles of crochet. 

Simply Caron Heather Grey
Simply Caron Beige 
Simply Caron Light Pink 
Red Heart with Love Bright Pink 
Safety Eyes
Yarn Needle
Rainbow Ribbon 

To make Poptart,
You'll need to crochet 2 panels to hold you stuff in your desired size. Here its chained approx. 30.

For Pink Filling:
You'll need to crochet 1 panel, slightly smaller than your poptart color.

To make the kitty:
Then you need a basic understanding of amigurumi. I crocheted in continuous rounds. on each.
Using a magic circle will help better.

Stuff and add safety eyes. To sew in ribbon into the yarn with a regular needle and not a yarn needle. 

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