Friday, November 8, 2013

HandmadeQT: Back to School Teacher Gifts

  At my daughter's last school, her original teacher was replaced by another teacher. She couldn't believe it!  Her original daughter was the same teacher she had in 2nd grade and she's amazing. On her last days of class, I crocheted this amazing pencil-inspired scarf. I loved making these shaped- scarves because they look so many fun when people wear them.

 For this pencil shape scarf, you'll need

Red Heart Yarn:
Bright Yellow
Baby Pink or Salmon
Flesh Color
Gray or Silver
Golden or Dark Lemon (just a scrap ball, not much, enough for 2 rows )

Chain 15
Single Crochet in the second from the hook. Crochet until the end (14) Chain one turn.
Continue crocheting until reached desired length.

To do pencil point:\
Decrease (sc2tog) in the beginning and Decrease at end, until you reached 2-4 stitches

To Switch color (invisible)
one the last stitch. Pull new color through both loops at the end. Follow along with single crocheting color.

To end chain in bright yellow around all sides and finish off, weave yarn in.

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