Sunday, November 3, 2013

HandmadeQT: Adventure Time Lumpy Princess Coin Purse

Lumpy Princess Coin Purse from Adventure Time Cartoons

As part of the set, I decided to add a coin purse, because I had time. Coin purses are really simple. This was easy enough to whip up in 30 mins or less.

H or I Hook
Red Heart with Love Purple Yarn
Stitch markers
Eye Posts
Caron soft Black Yarn
Red Heart with Love Yellow Yarn
Yarn Needle

Coin Purse:

Chain 17 if you want long add more chains on an odd number,
Sc in the 2nd from the hook, sl st at the end of each row, til desired length.
Fasten off


Chain 1, *1 hdc, 3dc in the next, hdc* til end, make sure you end at the end of hdc.

Stitching Together:

Fold over how long you want the purse to be on wrong side (inside out) and place stitch markers on right and left top and sc crochet from top to bottom on both side. Flip inside out.

Placing Eyes & Mouth:

I look at some pictures to make the star on top on her head and mouth and eye placement.

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