Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Make DSalazar's Flowers

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I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately, but I've been very tired at 6 months pregnant with a boy, he's kicking more and more!


3-5 Scallop Flowers 3in (5in. is Best)

Glimmer Mist/ Dye Ink

Prima Flower



Sugar Coating Glitter

Ok Here are the steps: ( for pics look at blog online)

1. Crumble all scallops. Then, Unfold.

2. Spray your scallops with ink, dyes, glimmer mist (for homemade recipe & donna's recipes, see next post) Make sure they're not soaked, just enough to cover in color.

3. Stack up the Scallops evenly together, in the order you want.

4. Fold in half and then in another half. Even you unfold you should have an X in center.

5. Now with you non-dominant hand make a circle using your thumb and pointer finger. With you your dominant hand pick up scallops at X and push through circle.

6. Don't worry if it doesn't look like a flower, we're not at that step. Now twist the bottom proportion. Snip the bottom top.

7. Punch out a scallop or circle small than the flower, with glue make a flat circle and paste the bottom tip of the flower and push down and lay flat. ART Glitter Glue Works excellent at this step.

8. Now make a diamond shape with your fingers with both hands (thumbs and pointers) and bunch up the scallops towards the middle til you make a center bulb.

9. Pull up each layer, carefully. this with achieve the fluffing the flower.

10. Dye the Prima Flower and Glue with Arts Glitter and add Jewel.

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