Friday, November 6, 2009

Dan's Book

Back Side

This is a class project for my second graders. Dan is a student that's leaving to another school and so I made this chipboard. This class project is just plain cardstock (white), a o-ring, and 4x4 chipboard.
Using the cricut:

Back side
2.75in. Crayons
2.5 in. Letters (DAN, on the black)

Front Side
2.75in. Crayons
1.5 in Letter D
1.75in. Letters an
0.75in Loma Verde

CTMH Liquid Glass
4x4 in. sq. (black)
3 3/4 in sq.(green)
2in. brown strip Fold in the middle. for chalkboard slate.
1 in punch.
Scrap black paper
Close to my Heart Cardstock in Black, Olive Green, Brown, Red, Yellow, Ivy, and
White Gel Pen

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