Monday, September 12, 2016

HandmadeQT: Pocahontas Baby Set

I've been waiting to post this picture for a long time. I made this baby set as a diaper cover bottom and top as one. Off the shoulder top. I made this pattern using own stitch. There's a button hole made unto the back of them  dress and the strap connect to it. For sandals, I used a patten variation from Youtube.

I used a double and half double crochet. I did the middle of the body with half double and single crochet. I did the shell looking stitch with puff clusters pattern I've made in the past (for pattern please check past posts) I did top and strap with double crochet. Lastly, I used a shell stitch on front post to get to dangle off like in Pochantas.

Red Heart Yarn in Tan
Red Heart Yarn in Brown
Red Heart Yarn in Teal
Simply Caron in White
Yarn Scissors
Yarn Needle 

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