Tuesday, June 14, 2016

FoodQT: Fresh Rice Noodles

Rice Noodles are delicious, when prepared correctly. There's are many thickness available, both fresh and dry packages. I'm usually making Pho (a Vietnamese soup) I grab a big family pack of fresh noodles at my local Vien Dong store.

Supplies :
Package of fresh noodles or dry noodles whatever thickness 
A big stock pot of boiling water 
1 strainer or colander  (large)
Cold water 

1. Make sure you have a rolling boil in a stock. 

2. Add a personalized amount of noodles into pot. 

3. Cook from 1-2 minutes for fresh or up to 3 minutes for dry. You may have to adjust tome, due to consistency of noodle.

4. Check noodles. Place in colander, run under cold water, strain for a minute. You can squeeze noodle water out, as well.

5. Prepare noodles for soup or main dishes to your liking.

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