Tuesday, July 21, 2015

FoodQT : Campfire Skillet Nachos

This is one of the dinner dishes I made while we went on our camping vacation. It was big hit. I thought camping would be a hard experience because it was my first time camping and I didn't know if I could cook like at home. I did and it was great!

Supplies :
Tortilla chips
Cooked out on a skillet, ground beef sirloin
Mexican Shredded Cheese
sliced tomatoes
sour cream
house seasoning and marinade for 2 days
ziploc bag

1. Start by marinating the meat for at least 1 day. I seasoned beef with garlic powder, minced garlic, pepper, A-1 steak sauce, cumin, salt, oregano. Make sure you season aggressively.

2. Cook over hot skillet. Until almost cooked. Take out of skillet. Add cheese to skillet, tortilla chips, meat, cheese. Add tomatoes, chives, and sour cream. For a little kick, add some salsa.

3. Enjoy.

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