Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FoodQT: Pineapple Slushies

It's really hot, a homemade treat that involves real fruit is always refreshing. My tot comes home from preschool and always ask for a slushie. The ingredients are super simple and super delicious. You can add toppong both sweet or spicy. PERFECT hot weather Snack.

Any frozen fruit cleaned and rough chop
Less than 1/4 c of any juice
A good blender for ice crushing. I used the Ninja Professional and the shake container.

1. Add ice crush, slightly, add fruit, and a couple of tablespoons of juice. Not too much, otherwise you'll make a blended drink.

2. We used sweet condensed milk as our topping or Chamoy Sauce and Chile Powder.

3. ENJOY! It's hot

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