Monday, June 9, 2014

HandmadeQT: Captain America

My nephew's birthday was on Saturday, so I needed some handmade to give him besides a couple of shirts and a Captain America doll. The birthday theme was Superheroes and I wantes something to be cohesive with the presents I bought him. I decide on making A Captain America inspired beanie.

Red Heart Light Blue Yarn
Red Heart White Yarn
Stitch marker
Yarn needle

Half-double crochet halfway of beanie. Single crochet the rest.
Last 2 rows are going to be double crochet.

Find the center of the side of the beanie you want to use. CHAIN 20-25 double crochet. Chain 5-9, depending on age. Then Double crochet into next 2 stitch. Chain 5-9, double crochet in thr next stitch and to rest of round.

Double all around, even in each chain. Finish with slip stitch or single crochet all around and finish off.

For the letter A: I did a ravelry pattern, but it was off, so I had to wing it.  

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