Monday, March 31, 2014

HandmadeQT: Little Mermaid Cosplay

I'm very proud of this cosplay or pretend play Disney Inspired Little Mermaid Set. Its a simple skirt and top. The top actually doesn't need to tie in the back. It goes over the neck, like a necklace. I made the top out cotton yard and added some baby yarn to create it, in class it gets wet. 

For the skirt, I made the length by chaining 100,  double crochet, hdc, triple crochet to create the foundation for the skirt. I used L-hook to create fluffy look of tulle layers. I just chained my length I wanted and single crochet in the stitch. I continued this way for 2-3 rows of the skirt. 


Cream N' Peaches Cotton Yarn Bright Pink, Purple, Bright Blue
Red Heart with Love Blue, Orange, Lime Green 

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