Thursday, February 13, 2014

The World of CraftyQT expands!

Hello QTies!

I'm so happy to announced last year, this blog hit the 15,000+ views milestone in one year! I'm so grateful! I'm excited to announce and host a blog giveaway for March 2014, during my birthday month! I just really want to thank you so much! We are expanding, offering tips, tricks, and inspiration on Food and Crochet. Merging my other blogs into The World of CraftyQT. So everything is under one roof, because managing 3 blogs is so hard.

Not to worry, Papercrafts will manly be on the blog, but I've came up with a weekly schedule to include:
Tuesday and Fridays: FoodQT
Mondays and Thursday: HandmadeQT

We're testing this out this week.

Thank you for your views, comments, and support!

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