Thursday, February 13, 2014

QT Crochet: Laos Flag + Flag Pattern

Our friend's daughter was turning 1. A big celebration was in order and we celebrated with Laos Cuisine Platters, Buddhist blessing, cake, and games. 
In order to celebrate her birthday, my husband came up with the idea to celebrate her heritage through a afghan cover of her flag. This is the new version of the flag, the original has elephants. 


Red Heart Cherry Red Yarn
Red Heart Royal Blue Yarn
Red Heart White
Red Heart Gold
Yarn Needle
sc=single crochet
slst: slip stitch
ch= chain

Basic Flag Pattern:
Chain 101.
SC crochet in the second from the hook, sc all across. 100 chains.
round 1-38: Ch. 2, Sc across, sl st at end.
Chain colors, repeat round 1.
Chain colors, repeat round 1.
SC all around border, switching colors to keep it solid.
Finish off with scallop border or sc in your color choice.

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