Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lego Pinata: Construction + Pic

My son's birthday is coming up in the next month. As I'm trying to get everything handmade, homemade, and save from buying expensive activities that are going to be destroyed in a matter of minutes. I've never made a pinata, just decorated it. Since, the party is lego-themed, I decided to take a small cardboard box, painted it, and decorated it. I was going to use a glue gun, but decided last minute to use school glue instead, because the glue gun was too hot for streamers. 


A cardboard box
Acrylic Paint
Streamers or Crepe Paper
Tissue Paper
Martha Stewart "Fringe" Scissors (optional)
Boxing Tape

Pick your desired box, paint with your color acrylic paint of your choice. Let dry for at least 6 hours. Check to see, if paint has dried and secure with boxing tape. Cover in newspaper. Make fringe and wrap pinata. Decorate to your liking. Let dry for a couple of days before you make the holes or trap for stuffing it with candy. Use wire to hang. 

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