Monday, January 13, 2014

HandmadeQT: Minion Scarf +Pattern

sc=single crochet


Red Heart Yarn Soft
Bright Yellow
Bright Blue
Caron Silver/Pewter Yarn
Caron White Yarn
Safety Eye 8mm
Yarn Needle

This is such an easy project, takes about 1-2hrs to finish including sewing on eye. You can also add a little bit, of hair, as I did when I finished.

Chain 15
Sc 2nd from hook, sc all the way. Chain 1, turn. (14)
Sc to desired length, switch colors.
To finish off, Chain 1 and sc all the way around in it same color for a finished look.

For Eyes:
Magic Circle of 6, do not ss
2 sc (increase) in the next round.
Continue regular increase to reach desired length.
Switch color, sc all around. Finish off, save 6 inches for sewing to scarf.
Add safety eye to mind of eye, snap to secure.

If eye is secured properly, it won't bother the person wearing it. Because when sewing eye to scarf, it provides a small barrier.

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