Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade QT: Punk Princess Baby Set + Pattern

The picture on top is the card I made for them, please check out crafting blog. Left: Gift Basket made out of a brand new shoe box. Right: Baby Cocoon, Mittens, Washcloths, Beanie with white Rose, layette set. I was invited to a baby shower the other day and I wanted to make my gift extra special for my husband's friend. They're expecting their first baby girl and they love punk princess, not your traditional baby girl colors. The baby shower was indeed was a Tm Burton themed, so they're were lots of skulls, striped black and white balloons, and the cake was a great colors of purple, black, and white. I went shopping and I found this cute layette set, beanie, and booties set for a newborn with pink skulls on it. I love pink, so I decided to make my combination of colors: Hot Pink, Baby Pink, White, and Black.

Baby Cocoon pattern
Colors: Striped, alternate by switching color every 2 rounds.
Red Heart Yarn With Love in White, Black, Bubble Gum Pink
Caron Soft Yarn in Hot Pink.
Length in Total should be about 24 inches long starting from Row 5, because you need a little to fold over, if  you don't want the fold over, sum total of all 22 inches long
11 dc into circle
Row 2: increase into each round, sl st at end.  (22)
Row 3: Chain 2, dc into same stitch *1 dc, 2 dc* sl st at end.
Row 4: Chain 2, dc into same stitch *1dc in next 2 stitches, 2 in the next* sl st at end.
Row 5: Chain 2, dc into same stitch  *1dc in next 3 stitches, 2 in the next* sl st at end.
Row 6: (optional: If you think its already big enough start Row 7, if not then continue with Row 6)
Chain 2, dc into same stitch, * 1dc in next 4 stitches, 2 in the next* sl st.
Row 7-19: Chain 1, dc or single crochet your choice 1 stitch in each, sl st at end.
Row 20: Chain 1, sc all around sl st, fasten off, weave in tail.

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