Monday, February 13, 2012

Paper Bouquet: Lotus, Cabbage Roses, and Carnations

In order to kick off the V-day celebration, I decided to have flowers on my desk that aren't going to wilt a week later. So I create some flower using techniques that are quite easy and some that I just thought of.

Tissue Paper
Crepe Paper Sheets
Cupcake Liner
Floral Wire
Glue Gun or Tombow Multipurpose Glue

Lotus: (White) 1. To create a paper flower, Start with taking sqaures, with at least 6-8 layers.
2. Do a fan fold neatly.
3. Secure in the middle with Floral Wire.
4. Using scissors cut Triangle looking peaks on edges looks like this: <
at both ends.
5. Pull layer on each side one at a time and fluff.

Cabbage Rose: (Blue/Green) To make cabbage rose you need at least 8-10 for a full flower. 4-5 sqaures. Go through instructions 1-3, Step 4 round corner edges or use crafty scissors for wave pattern.

Carnations: (Pink/Yellow) 1. Take 3-5 cupcake liners. 2. Fold in half and flatten liner. 2. Take floral wire stem, and roll liner. so it creates a bud, glue to secure. 3. Now, for the rest of the liner cut bottom off and cut the ridge part in a diagonal cut. 4. Glue and go around bud until the carnation is created.

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