Monday, January 3, 2011

Secret Panel Card

Supplies Needed:

4x11in. Card
Front Panels 2x- 2 1/2x 4in.
Inside Panels 2x- 2 1/2x 4in.
Frame: 1- 2 1/2in x 31/2in.
Inside Frame: 1- 2x3in.
For Slits panels: 2x- 2 1/2x 4in.
Snail adhesive or Sticky Strip

1. Scored at 5.5in. Then on right side 2 3/4in. and on left side 2 3/4in.
2. Fold all your score lines, down the middle and fold back each side panels.
3. Fold to middle (shape should be a small T), at the 5.5in fold, cut three slits up to 5.5in. score line.
4. You can weave you slit panels, one top and one on the bottom. (see pictures)
5. Stamp your picture and greetings, adhere.

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