Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A crabby cake

Hi everyone!

It recently was my husband's birthday and he loves the DSC Show 'Deadliest Catch,' well he recently met DC's main character of the show Captain Sig Hansen in Los Angeles and even took a pic with him! Signed an autographed of the show's poster and even chit chatted with him about the fishing and the series. It was a great birthday to date! Inspired by this show, I decided to create a crab shaped crab for his birthday.

It's a chocolate devil's food cake with melting chocolate chips and rich buttercream icing (that's been tinted True Red and Orange) and ice frosting is using for the crab's bumps, buttercream frosting (white) for eyes with chocolates for eyes too.
I really enjoyed making this cake and hope to do more theme cakes in the future, maybe even get the Cricut Cake, I dunno yet!

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