Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poppies with the Cricut

Hi Everyone!

So, I was making handmade flowers today and I started think about the different kinds of flowers there are to make. So, I pulled out my cricut carts and saw what kind of flowers I can recreate for variety on projects. This is still a work in progress series, starting with the poppy. I got several ideas on how to create them.



Cricut Cart: Storybook #21 Poppy

Size(s): 3in., 2 3/4in., 2 1/2in, 2 1/4in.,

Prima White Flower

Queen & Company Black & White Rox in Marble Abracadabra

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  1. Wow Way cool blog. Im glad you decided to play along with us at PCC this week.


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