Thursday, May 27, 2010

My faux prima- prima flowers

So I was making prima flowers using my cricut cart, Plantin Schoolbook. I cut these flowers at 1in, did auto fill and they can out to 110 for a sheet 12x12 white cardstock. So easy to make, to pinch those pennies, during these times.

5 flowers petals 1in. (Plantin Schoolbook Cart)
Glimmer Mist- Mustard Seed
1 pen
Art Glitter glue
Half pearl

1. You can color them now or wait until after your choice.
2. Cup all flowers with bottom of pen.
3. Pinch and stack them until you get to 5 petal up.
4. Pinch and squish flower until forming a bed, glue all of them
5. Decorate as you want, add an embelishment.

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