Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elegant Craft Bows for all ocassions

Hello Everyone, so I've been trying to work out for to make this bow, my first try didn't go so well, because I didn't use a button. So now I've perfected the bow! YAY!

Here's what you need

2- 12x12in. cardstock
4 strips of 1x 12in.
4 strips of 1x11in.
4 strips of 1x10in.
1-strip of 1x5in. (preferably in he same color)
2 buttons
Wire or curling ribbon
Hole Punch 3/16in. ( I used crop a dile)

Step 1: Sponge the strips (optional) if you like. Then take the 1x5in strip and make a loop, at the bottom punch a hole and lace the ribbon through the button and loop into hole and tie into loop.

Step 2: Take the 1x12in. strip, make a loop and fold in half. Take another strip of 1x12in, to form a cross, hole punch and fasten through curling ribbon or wire.

Step 3: Continue this step until everything is finished, secure other button at the end and tie a knot at the end.

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