Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Emboss an Image

1. Make sure your ink is a pigment, watermark, or emboss ink.
2. Before you stamp, take an emboss buddy and use it rub your image. The buddy is a cornstarch wrapped in cheesecloth or wrapped in bandage gauze. It makes sure the emboss powder sticks to your image and not anywhere.
3. Emboss powder is permanent, one coated on the image or anywhere else and melted, it's there for good, best to use a buddy. Stamp your image and coat with emboss powder generously, put excess back in container.
4. For Emboss powder finishes, see my blog. Or another post in tips and techiniques.
5. Heat Tool Time, in small circles, hold the heat tool 5-8 inches away from your image. Don't stay in a place to long or it will warp or burn ink. Small circle when covering image. Only heat until you see emboss ink melt. Turn off.
6. WhaLA! Emboss Image, for different color powders, use an emboss pen and same technique as above.
Happy Crafting

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